An Editorial Exchange with Wayne Lela

An Editor of The Observer has an email exchange with Wayne Lela, founder of Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment regarding vote-rigging and liberal brainwashing.

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Letter to the Editors from Wayne Lela, founder of Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment

According to Edison Research’s exit poll, Trump got significantly more Black votes, Latino votes, and women votes in this election, than he got in 2016. So, it makes you wonder, how could he lose? Gee, could it possibly be massive vote fraud by Democrats? Edison Research is saying Trump lost a significant amount of white male voters compared to 2016. Right.

For those of you who think Democrats are incapable of vote fraud, please, don’t be naive. The values of many Democrats nowadays are so extreme and perverse they actually believe it’s okay to discriminate against, legally persecute, and make criminals out of decent, moral businesspeople (e.g., bakers, florists, etc.) who merely don’t want to cater to heterophobic homosexuals. Truly bizarre.

On college campuses all over this country conservative teachers and students have been discriminated against by corrupt liberal bigots running those campuses. Legal groups like the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which win lawsuits defending the rights of conservative teachers and students, could put together a long list of such cases.

(It’s well-known that the vast majority of college teachers and administrators are liberal. Students need to wake up and see how they are being indoctrinated with liberal propaganda, manipulated and molded by liberally biased teachers and administrators on so many college campuses, which teachers and administrators are trying to impose their definitely questionable values on students. Students need to see how they are being cheated out of a proper education.)

The Democrat Party is now dominated by some seriously corrupt people who have no qualms about violating your rights if you disagree with their radical agenda. People in this country need to wake up and see the Democrat Party for what it really is.

Also probably relevant is a fact pointed out in an article in Psychology Today, which fact others have noted in the past, and which fact is that “people with mental disorders so easily rise to positions of power” (Steve Taylor, “In the Seat of Pathocracy,” Nov./Dec. 2019, p. 28). It’s a long story why that is the case, but it helps explain why there are so many unbalanced, twisted extremists in the Democrat Party.

Sincerely, Wayne Lela

Editorial Response from Philip Brain

Wayne, greetings.

Donald Trump has lost, and that’s exactly why I and my co-editor, Harry Clennon, chose to write articles looking to the future to the Biden presidency which is on its way. Given that the only portion of your diatribe which even remotely resembles a response to any article published last week—which is, if I need remind you, what a letter to the editor is—is your disputation of Biden’s electoral victory, it is to this which I will respond.

The Trump campaign lawsuit in Michigan was recently withdrawn the other day, because, according to Mr. Giuliani, they achieved “the relief we sought: to stop the election in Wayne County from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted” (Fox News). Therefore, by the admission of the Trump Campaign lawyer himself, Michigan was won by Joe Biden. Is Giuliani fake news? Is Fox? In Arizona, the last election-related lawsuit has been dismissed in court, as the state continues to certify its results (AZ Central). Is the Maricopa County Superior Court fake news? Is the election commission? In Georgia, the hand recount has been completed and only narrowed Biden’s lead from 14,000 to 12,000 votes (NPR). Are all of these counties and all the employees counting all these ballots by hand all fake news? Is the National Public Radio? When a Trump campaign lawyer in Pennsylvania was asked by the presiding judge, “Are you claiming that there is any fraud in connection with these 592 disputed ballots?” Mr Goldstein replied, “To my knowledge at present, no.” When asked again in a different way, his reply was the same (Court Transcript). One would imagine that if, as you say, “The evidence for vote fraud by corrupt Democrats is powerful,” the high-powered lawyer whose literal job it is to find and marshal it in court would do so. But, he didn’t, because there is none. Is Mr. Goldstein, lawyer for Mr. Trump’s campaign, fake news? Is the Montgomery County Board of Elections?

Mr. Lela, you appear to me to be asserting all these people and organizations, all those involved in counting votes across the country—or the lion’s share of them—have conspired to deny Donald Trump his election victory. Is it perhaps possible that, instead of some vast conspiracy requiring the collaboration and discretion of thousands upon thousands of people, the lowest-approval President since such metrics were invented in the 1930s simply did not win? Is it possible that Donald Trump simply lost because Americans across the country, including many Republicans, saw Joe Biden as a better embodiment of the ideals of our country? Is it possible that Donald Trump, a person who has never held any other elected public office or had any experience in public administration, simply lost because he botched the job?

You say that one should not be so naïve as to believe that Democrats could not commit voter fraud, but you discuss only motive rather than means. Your claim of this capability for fraud—in the face of an incredibly large and complicated electoral system with more redundancies than any other in the world—needs more than a simple, unsupported assertion to be anything other than simply absurd and fantastical.

As to your other points which bore absolutely no relevance to any articles published in our previous issue, they hardly merit any comment at all. You assert some quack science that the mentally ill regularly rise to positions of power and claim that this explains the nature of the Democrat party leadership. Does it explain the American electorate, a majority of which has supported their presidential nominee in seven of the last eight elections? Does it explain the character of the Republican party which has promoted such brilliant and mentally well individuals as our dear President Donald Trump? You place exclusive blame on Democrats for being willing to violate rights if they conflict with a political agenda. How else would one characterize lawsuits across the country intending to disenfranchise Americans simply for voting against the sitting president? You claim college campuses discriminate against conservative students and teachers, yet you provide no evidence whatsoever and instead delegate such responsibility to FIRE, which I do think is a very respectable organization which recently employed a Kenyon graduate and a friend of mine. But, how could Kenyon, a boogeyman bastion of liberal anti-tolerance produce a student who would go to work for FIRE? Who knows…

The truth of the matter is that there are plenty of complaints with evidence abound to be made about liberal hypocrisy (and conservative hypocrisy and human hypocrisy, for that matter), the constriction of free thought on college campuses, and the degradation of American political leadership (on both sides of the aisle). Instead, you choose to baselessly rail about the wrong things or otherwise with absolutely no evidence to support your positions. As a consequence, your argument, if it can be called that, is not only thoroughly unconvincing of your perspective but leads this interlocutor to regard both you and your attitudes about politics and life broadly with considerable suspicion.

As to your comments about homosexuals, I am confident nothing I could ever say could possibly change any inkling of your hate. However, I did pay a visit to your website, Wayne, and I will say I enjoyed it greatly. As someone born in 1999, I have often wondered what the internet was like in its youth. I read your article, “Ways Homosexuals Can Affect You Negatively,” and I must say you forgot a very great piece of evidence. As someone who privately “engaged in homosexual activity” by having a boyfriend for two years, I believe with this response I have affected you far more negatively than any of the examples you gave in your ‘article.’

Perhaps your time would be better spent fighting your losing battle against the “gay agenda” than writing emails to college students who have nothing better to do than read, argue, and write.

Best wishes,
Co-Editor-in-Chief, Philip Brain

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