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Letter to the Editors: In Response to “If You Can Play, You Can Listen”

The following letter was submitted by Samuel Lagasse ’16, who is the Vice President of Kenyon Athletes for Equality and a member of Kenyon’s Men’s Cross Country team. He writes in response to the cover story of yesterday’s issue, “If You Can Play, You Can Listen,” written by Molly O’Connor, which can be found here.

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Guest Post: Responding to Criticism of John Agresto at Yesterday Morning’s Panel

Simon Hoellerbauer is a sophomore MLL major born in Austria. He has lived in Ohio since 1998. A member of the audience, along with Dr. Jim Zogby, criticized John Agresto at yesterday morning’s panel on the Arab Spring, both for implying that Arab culture is incompatible with democracy and for using language that bordered on

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Re: George Zimmerman is Already On Trial

I, like many others, have recently been swept up in the debate over who-hit-who and whether or not George Zimmerman was hurt when he shot Trayvon Martin. While Richard is right to say that we should not jump to any conclusions regarding the circumstances surrounding the actual act of Zimmerman shooting Martin, we have sufficient

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