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OBSERVER EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Darya Tsymbalyuk

Darya Tsymbalyuk ’13 is an artist and activist involved with the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine. She recently spoke with Julieanna Luo ’17 about her experience. The day we had our first snow of the year, I wandered into Palme and stumbled on a postcard by a student named Darya outside of Professor Suggs’s office. The

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“Grandpa Hassan” Meets His Maker, Georgian Prosecutor’s Office Reveals Gay Honey Trap

Two international news stories came bursting out of the strange carnival world that is the former Soviet Union in the last day or so really captured my interest and seemed worth sharing. First up, the so-called “King of the Russian Mob,” Aslan Usoyan – or “Grandpa Hassan” if you knew him well – was shot

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