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CSAD Day One: George Bush Is A Leninist, And Democracy Promotion Is Hard

With CSAD’s conference well underway, a synopsis of discussions featuring Zalmay Khalilzad, Tony Smith and Elliott Abrams. Remaking nations in America’s image isn’t going to be easy. That much is obvious.

CSAD Keynote Address: A Quick Review

Tonight, Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad kicked off the Center for the Study of American Democracy’s conference with a keynote address on the question of whether or not the United States should promote democracy abroad. Khalilzad, an international relations expert, served as the United States’ Ambassador to the United Nations, Iraq and Afghanistan under the Bush administration.

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Promoting American Democracy Abroad: A Quick Response

Last night, Agora, the Kenyon Democrats and the Kenyon Observer hosted a great discussion ahead of next week’s Center for the Study of American Democracy conference, entitled “should America promote democracy abroad?” The interesting and informal conversation asked both that question itself as well as what that question means: what do we mean by democracy?