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OBSERVER EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Kenyon Confessions

Kenyon Confessions, a Facebook page that provides an anonymous outlet for students to share their darkest secrets and deepest feelings, has rapidly become this year’s most significant addition to the Kenyon community. Over the course of the past week, the Observer exchanged a series of messages with the anonymous administrator of the page, allowing them to

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So, You’re Rushing

So, freshmen (and a handful of sophomores and maybe one or two juniors), this week is rush week. You now have the opportunity to play group-level bachelor or bachelorette with people who have already been giving you alcohol for nearly six months. Now is probably a good time, then, to hear from a “god damn

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The (un)Prescribed Life: Kenyon Students Medicating Heavily, with Questionable Legitimacy

Overheard at Kenyon: Student 1: Wait, where do you get your Adderall from? Student 2: Chelsea, but she needs a refill soon. It’s cool, I have another hookup. Every Kenyon student has heard conversations like this one; under-the-table Adderall (or other study drug) use has been standard practice in academia for a long time. But

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