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The Briefing: Earmarks, Hastert Rule, Obama’s Gun Control Plan, Michele Bachmann

Businessweek: Earmarks: The Reluctant Case for Ending the Ban Political hacks used to say pork was the political grease that lubricated legislative deals. Only now do we see how true that was. Would it really be so terrible to reintroduce some congressionally sanctioned bribery? That would let members lay claim to the odd million in

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The Briefing: Bloodshed in Syria, Mali, and Iraq; Gun Control in New York and the Nation

The Atlantic: State Department Believes Assad Used Chemical Weapons on Syrian People “In a leak that could signal a crossing of President Obama’s “red line” on the increasingly deadly conflict in Syria, the State Department has investigated and concluded that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his military forces used poison gas in a deadly attack

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