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Democracy, Drones, and the Need for a New Antiwar Foreign Policy Vision

By Tommy Johnson On January 3, the President of the United States ordered a strike that took place at the Bagh- dad Airport. Three drones cruised overhead, each armed with a Hellfire missile. Using a mix of satellite imagery, signals analysis, and finally tips from CIA operatives, remote-controlled drones targeted, identified, and killed Qasem Soleimani.

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Promoting American Democracy Abroad: A Quick Response

Last night, Agora, the Kenyon Democrats and the Kenyon Observer hosted a great discussion ahead of next week’s Center for the Study of American Democracy conference, entitled “should America promote democracy abroad?” The interesting and informal conversation asked both that question itself as well as what that question means: what do we mean by democracy? 

Welcome to The Imperial Presidency: Part Two

During a speech at Northwestern University on March 5th, Attorney General Eric Holder gave the most detailed look into the process of how and why the United States decides to kill people it deems national security threats. Tellingly, the administration provided a legal justification for targeted killings through a university speech rather than a Justice Department

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