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The Day I Went to Bed and Woke Up In 1984

This guest post comes from Marcela Colmenares ’13, who is currently working in Washington, D.C. at the Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas. A couple of days ago, my hometown of Caracas, Venezuela woke up dressed in the perfect Halloween costume: Its walls were plastered with posters depicting three faces that everybody knows,

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CSAD Saturday Morning Panel: Teaching the Hungry How to Fish

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he might buy an ugly hat, but he’ll also eat for a lifetime.” – Anonymous This morning’s panel highlighted the difference between institution-based and civic-based forms of democracy promotion.

CSAD Afternoon Panel #2: The Intent of Democracy Promotion

This afternoon, the Center for the Study of American Democracy continued with its second afternoon panel, “Democracy Promotion Beyond the Middle East,” where panelists addressed not only this topic, but also issues brought up earlier in the conference. Morton H. Halperin, Nadia Diuk, Adam Przeworski and John D. Sullivan each offered their own unique perspective

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CSAD Quick Reaction: Assessing the Arab Spring and Democracy in the Middle East

This morning at the CSAD conference panel “Assessing the Arab Spring and Democracy in the Middle East” panelists broadly addressed the recent uprisings in the Middle East. Panelists included Danya Greenfield, deputy director of the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East at the Atlantic Council, Karan Bhatia, General Electric vice president and senior counsel

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