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The AV: The Politics of Hysteria

The AV is TKO’s occasional foray into politics via multimedia. When we watch the debates is there a certain personal truth about the candidates that is relayed to us? Do their mannerisms, rhythm of speech, and of course, the content of their speech itself, bring us closer to understanding the candidates as human beings? Or

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Better Answers Please

In the weeks since the presidential debate, the race for the White House has become much closer. One could say this was inevitable as the race drew nearer, and that it’s not as close as many news outlets are making it out to be; after all, close races make for better television. However, I think

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Mitt Romney Trolls The Playground For Political Rhetoric

“If you can’t beat them, confuse them” – Harry Truman Let’s play some word association. I write down a political attack, you name the first candidate from the 2012 election cycle that you think of. Once you get through them, I’ll tell you who said what about whom earlier today. Ready?

Social Justice: Hoodies, Hijabis and the Hunger Games

I remember in the aftermath of President Obama’s election in November 2008, many proclaimed that America was post-racial. I disagreed then and now with this assessment: it suggests that the election of a black president amounted to full eradication of racial prejudices in America. In light of recent events, I don’t think one could reasonably

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Re: Selective Tolerance

I agree with Matt Hershey that both Bill Maher’s and Rush Limbaugh’s comments were repulsive, misogynistic and offensive. There are many things I disagree on with Sarah Palin—pretty much everything, actually—but to call her a “c–t” is not just calling her any other rude word. It’s an attack based solely on gender, which is unacceptable.

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