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Grover Who?

If you had to list the top 10 most powerful people in politics in America, whom would you put on your list? President Obama? Certainly. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Absolutely, at least until she retires. House Speaker John Boehner? Maybe, maybe not. What about Grover Norquist? If you just found yourself asking, “who is

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Better Answers Please

In the weeks since the presidential debate, the race for the White House has become much closer. One could say this was inevitable as the race drew nearer, and that it’s not as close as many news outlets are making it out to be; after all, close races make for better television. However, I think

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CSAD Quick Reaction: Assessing the Arab Spring and Democracy in the Middle East

This morning at the CSAD conference panel “Assessing the Arab Spring and Democracy in the Middle East” panelists broadly addressed the recent uprisings in the Middle East. Panelists included Danya Greenfield, deputy director of the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East at the Atlantic Council, Karan Bhatia, General Electric vice president and senior counsel

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