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Event Recap: Grade Inflation Agora

The debate surrounding grade inflation is one particularly relevant to college students around the country. Are Kenyon students, as well as college students as a whole, getting smarter? If not, what else is contributing to this drastic increase in GPA over the past 30 years? This past Wednesday, the Observer hosted a roundtable in Peirce Pub

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Agora this Thursday: Should American Foreign Policy be Guided by Morals or National Interests?

The Kenyon Observer is pleased to announce that it will be joining Agora, the Center for the Study of American Democracy and Kenyon Democrats in sponsoring a discussion concerning the guiding principles of American foreign policy. Joining us from Kenyon’s faculty will be Karako, Tipler, (Lisa) Leibowitz and (awaiting confirmation) Baumann. The event is open to

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