CSAD: Robert Putnam’s Highly Anticipated Talk

Kenyon shelled out thousands of dollars to have Robert Putnam launch the busiest day of CSAD’s biennial conference on Thursday, and ultimately, that was money well spent. Putnam offered a charismatic mix of anecdotal and quantitative evidence, but most importantly, he demonstrated genuine enthusiasm for solving the problem of economic inequality during a conference where… Read More CSAD: Robert Putnam’s Highly Anticipated Talk

CSAD: Inequality and the Market with Austan Goolsbee

Late in his speech, Professor Austan Goolsbee admitted that economists, as a profession, have historically lacked either “great emotions or people skills”. Yet coming from Goolsbee, the Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Economics at U Chicago’s Booth School of Business, this assertion seemed a little disingenuous: his discussion of inequality and the market stood out for both… Read More CSAD: Inequality and the Market with Austan Goolsbee

CSAD: A Solid Floor

Take a second and ask yourself what your family’s socioeconomic status is. If you’re like the model American, you answered with something ending in “middle class” and chances are that you assigned yourself this identity without directly referencing your family’s annual household income as it compares to the American public.

CSAD: The Doctor and the Guard

Yesterday evening, members of the community gathered in Rosse Hall for the inaugural event of this year’s Biennial Conference sponsored by the Center for the Study of American Democracy. Addressing some of the fundamental background on the conference’s topic of economic inequality was Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a career economist who has served as Director of the Congressional Budget… Read More CSAD: The Doctor and the Guard

CSAD: Interview with Amity Shlaes

Amity Shlaes is an author and columnist at Forbes, and currently chairs the board of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation. Her books include Germany: The Empire Within, The Greedy Hand, The Forgotten Man and Coolidge. Shlaes has also written for Bloomberg News, The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times, among other publications, and is also a regular… Read More CSAD: Interview with Amity Shlaes

“España es diferente.” Spain is different indeed.

Today’s international post will focus on two big stories, from the Spanish perspective. First of all, Catalunya’s legislature, the Generalitat, approved a “Declaration of Sovereignty” today. The measure was made the number one issue in Catalunya’s September elections, in which the nationalist-centrist party CiU won the majority of seats, but not enough to form a… Read More “España es diferente.” Spain is different indeed.