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The AV: House of Cards Season 2 (No Spoilers, We Promise!)

Returning from a year-long hiatus, in Netflix’s own drag-out-and-drop fashion, the second season of the Emmy-winning political drama House of Cards was finally released to the eagerly-awaiting public on February 14 in its entirety of 13 episodes. The story follows Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey), the cold and calculating congressman who began his rise to power in

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The Secret Service Non-Scandal

Timothy Noah’s article in the New Republic today called into question the level of outrage over allegations that Secret Service agents solicited prostitutes on their recent visit to Colombia ahead of the Summit of the Americas. While certainly embarrassing, he argues that congressional hearings and the media frenzy are unwarranted, and I agree.

Communist Chinese Paper To Raise $250 Million From Capitalist Pig Investors

Rankled by federal funding to National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting Service? Check out the People’s Daily, owned by China’s Communist Party, which hopes to raise $245 million in a public offering of shares in its online news business.

Guest Post: Media Is The Fourth Branch Of Government

This guest post was written by Myles Alderman ’14, a molecular biology major from West Hartford, Connecticut. When religious conservatives choose Bible segments to support a position that liberals find offensive, they are frequently attacked by the media for their biased selection.  Yet when the media wants to prematurely judge a case before the investigation

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Re: George Zimmerman is Already On Trial

I, like many others, have recently been swept up in the debate over who-hit-who and whether or not George Zimmerman was hurt when he shot Trayvon Martin. While Richard is right to say that we should not jump to any conclusions regarding the circumstances surrounding the actual act of Zimmerman shooting Martin, we have sufficient

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