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Guest Post: President Decatur missed Reich’s point

This guest post was authored by Jon Green ’14, former editor of the Observer. Last Wednesday, President Decatur responded to the title of a repost of an article by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. In the article, Reich argues that America sends too many students to four year colleges who would be better off in other avenues of postsecondary education.

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Lessons For Education In Waiting For Superman and Race to Nowhere

In the past few years, two documentary films have been released that paint contrasting portraits of the state of American education. In Davis Guggenheim’s Waiting for Superman, low-income, prominently minority students long for educational opportunity, but are trapped in failing schools where teachers unions serve as a bulwark to reform and accountability. The solution: the style

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SURVEY: How Much Student Debt Will You Graduate With?

The Kenyon Observer is interested in running a series of posts on student debt. Please take our survey and tell us more about your situation in the comments or via email at if you are comfortable doing so. All names and other personal information will be kept confidential.