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Seniors: You Have No Excuse for Not Participating in the Senior Challenge

Seniors: Raise your hand if you had an internship during one of the last three summers. Now, keep your hand raised if you’re leveraging that internship into a job right now (in other words, keep your hand raised because you and I both know that internship is on your resume). Finally, whether or not you were

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5 Reasons Why Marco Rubio Won’t Win in 2016

The Kenyon Observer welcomes back former contributor Jacob Smith ’12, who is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This post originally appeared on Margin of Error on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013. The original article can be found here. This evening, a strong contender for the

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Better Answers Please

In the weeks since the presidential debate, the race for the White House has become much closer. One could say this was inevitable as the race drew nearer, and that it’s not as close as many news outlets are making it out to be; after all, close races make for better television. However, I think

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Mitt Romney Trolls The Playground For Political Rhetoric

“If you can’t beat them, confuse them” – Harry Truman Let’s play some word association. I write down a political attack, you name the first candidate from the 2012 election cycle that you think of. Once you get through them, I’ll tell you who said what about whom earlier today. Ready?