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Agora this Thursday: Should American Foreign Policy be Guided by Morals or National Interests?

The Kenyon Observer is pleased to announce that it will be joining Agora, the Center for the Study of American Democracy and Kenyon Democrats in sponsoring a discussion concerning the guiding principles of American foreign policy. Joining us from Kenyon’s faculty will be Karako, Tipler, (Lisa) Leibowitz and (awaiting confirmation) Baumann. The event is open to

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Guest Post: Media Is The Fourth Branch Of Government

This guest post was written by Myles Alderman ’14, a molecular biology major from West Hartford, Connecticut. When religious conservatives choose Bible segments to support a position that liberals find offensive, they are frequently attacked by the media for their biased selection.  Yet when the media wants to prematurely judge a case before the investigation

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SURVEY: How Much Student Debt Will You Graduate With?

The Kenyon Observer is interested in running a series of posts on student debt. Please take our survey and tell us more about your situation in the comments or via email at if you are comfortable doing so. All names and other personal information will be kept confidential.

BREAKING: Announcing our Leveraged Buyout of The Thrill

The Internet arm of the Kenyon Collegian has been severed, and we’re doing the chopping, bitches. Kenyon’s student body has fallen in love with The Thrill’s quick-hitting accounts of campus news and gossip, and in an effort to save the website from financial ruin and continue the quality reporting that the website has brought to

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FURTHER UPDATE: A Closer Look Shows Possible Zimmerman Head Injury

Last night we posted the police surveillance tape showing George Zimmerman four hours after he shot Trayvon Martin. We concurred with ABC in saying that Zimmerman appeared completely unharmed in the video, contradicting his claim of being physically assaulted and injured by Martin. We, and ABC, should have taken a closer look at the video.

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