The Briefing: Inside Obama’s Presidency, Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia and Professions Ranked by Employment

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PBS Frontline and Longreads: Inside Obama’s Presidency

“FRONTLINE and Longreads have partnered up to cull the best long-form reporting and reading on President Obama’s first term, organized below by category for your reading pleasure.

The New York Times: Morsi’s Slurs Against Jews Stir Concern 

“We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews,” Mr. Morsi declared. Egyptian children “must feed on hatred; hatred must continue,” he said. “The hatred must go on for God and as a form of worshiping him.”

The New York Times: A Trail of Bullet Casings Leads From Africa’s Wars Back to Iran

“Within two years other researchers were finding identical cartridges circulating through the ethnic violence in Darfur. Similar ammunition then turned up in 2009 in a stadium in Conakry, Guinea, where soldiers had fired on antigovernment protesters, killing more than 150.”

The Atlantic: The Real Cuban Missile Crisis

“Kennedy and his civilian advisers understood that the missiles in Cuba did not alter the strategic nuclear balance.”

al-Arabiya: Breakthrough in Saudi Arabia: women allowed in parliament.

“The decision is good but women issues are still hanging,” said Wajeha al-Hawidar, a prominent Saudi female activist. ‘For normal women, there are so many laws and measures that must be suspended or amended for woman to be dealt with as grown-ups and adults, without a mandate from guardians.”

Wall Street Journal: Unemployment Rates by Profession

“The U.S. unemployment rate is 7.8%, but that varies widely by profession.” [It’s a good day to be a bio-medical engineer, and a bad one for forest conservation workers. See how you stack up.]

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