The AV: Tracking Election Results

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The AV is TKO’s occasional foray into politics via multimedia.

As the polls close and votes get tabulated, many are looking for the best way to track the progress, and determine who will win the Presidential election. Out of the many ways results are being reported, listed below are a handful of interesting and interactive online options which don’t require enduring the drone of Wolf Blitzer. 

Our friends and colleagues over at The Thrill are live-blogging as results trickle in tonight. Timely and full of Kenyon-relevant tidbits.

The Huffington Post has a very cool map which provides the number of votes, percent of precincts reporting, and keeps a running tally of the electoral college.

The New York Times’ website has a nifty and thorough system to answer all your “what if” questions as the night goes on, through their “Paths to the White House” interactive. Based on possible electoral college scenarios in key swing states, there are 431 ways in which Obama could conceivably win tonight, and a mere 76 ways Romney could, as well as 5 possibilities which would result in a tie. If Obama wins Florida and Ohio, for example, game over.

Happy tracking!

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