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The AV is TKO’s occasional foray into politics via multimedia.

“I was bred to be a killer, and I did it. Now I’m trying to adapt and feel human again. But to feel human, I feel guilty. I did horrible things to people… That’s why I can’t eat: I feel guilty, I feel sick.”

The 2012 Pulitzers have been announced. One winner in particular jumped out: Craig F. Walker, a photojournalist for The Denver Posttook a series of photographs of Scott Ostrom, an Iraqi war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The pictures present an intimate portrait of a man who thought he would die but somehow, to his own chagrin, survived and made it home.

After last week’s CSAD conference, we should remind ourselves that the costs of democracy promotion are not only measured in dollar signs and poll ratings, but also in the shattered lives of the men and women who fight for America, often without knowing for what purpose.

David Wood, another Pulitzer winner, picks up where Walker left off. Wood chronicles the stories of severely injured veterans after they leave the war zone and return to the home front.

As of April 2012, 6,422 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and 47,545 have been injured in combat.

According to the Iraq Body Count project, between 106,000 and 116,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed. According to this report, 12,793 Afghan civilians have been killed, while thousands more have been injured and millions more displaced.

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