Re: George Zimmerman is Already On Trial


I, like many others, have recently been swept up in the debate over who-hit-who and whether or not George Zimmerman was hurt when he shot Trayvon Martin. While Richard is right to say that we should not jump to any conclusions regarding the circumstances surrounding the actual act of Zimmerman shooting Martin, we have sufficient facts surrounding the preceding events to know that Zimmerman is certainly no hero and should not be compared to Richard Jewell.

We know for a fact that Zimmerman had a history of judicial hypochondria, specifically toward African Americans. We know for a fact that Martin relayed to his girlfriend moments before he was killed that he was being followed by a strange man. We know that this pursuit had been discouraged by the very law enforcement that Zimmerman was appealing to for aid.  We know for a fact that  Zimmerman outweighed Martin by nearly 100 pounds, yet insists that Martin took him down with a single punch and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of him. We know for a fact that a witness was corrected by a police officer when she said that she heard a teen, not a grown man, yelling for help.

Like Richard Jewell, George Zimmerman is receiving a public trial. This is the case in any high-profile investigation. But in this instance the public is privy to so much more evidence surrounding the case that a comparison between Zimmerman, a racist at least and murderer at worst, and Jewell, a misunderstood hero, seems incredibly misguided. I agree with my fellow contributor that there is reasonable doubt as to whether or not George Zimmerman was under attack when he shot Trayvon Marti. But to suggest that we know nothing about this case, and to ignore the fact that even if he was under attack he was nevertheless the initial aggressor, does not do this case justice.

The public was wrong to condemn Richard Jewell prematurely because the evidence they used in their faux-trial was entirely circumstantial. To compare him to George Zimmerman is to disregard everything that we DO know about the current case before us.

5 comments on “Re: George Zimmerman is Already On Trial”

  1. This is still absurd.

    The PR activity surrounding this trial is generated by and meant to amplify a sense that law enforcment in particular and whites in general are unfair and abusive towards blacks.

    The media wanted that storyline before the facts were in–this we know. It was a mild inconvenience for them when they discovered that Zimmerman was not what we normally think of as white. The media wanted this storyline the way it wanted the terrorist shooter in France to be a white right-wing extremist, and in both cases it wrote the news accordingly.

    But the data, at least, tells a different story. It indicates that cops are doing their thankless, high-pressure, dangerous jobs (on our behalf), and targeting those who commit crime. People who take the opposite implication, who march and cultivate “activism” on its basis, are itchin’ for a fight.

    Finally, liberal arts bubbles like Kenyon seem to be disproportionately filled with people whose political observations are merely fashionable, and who fail to get so worked up when, for example, Omar Thornton shoots eight white people or (insert routine instance of black-on-white brutality here). In other words, the fact that we’ve bought the PR hype and chosen to get worked up over Trayvon Martin is the major story rather than the event itself. It shows how we are and what’s odd about us.

    Also, for what it’s worth–I’ve fought a lot of black guys who were raised on the thug mentality, and have learned not to sleep on teenagers on whom I have a weight advantage. I’m finding it very plausible that Zimmerman got his a$$ handed to him, more or less the way he described.

  2. 1. Zimmerman is NOT, repeat NOT a cop.
    2. The real cops told him to stay away.
    3. Trevon is on trial too, and he’s dead.

    1. True, but the police are getting major heat for allegedly botching this investigation. We’ve had a police chief step aside, yes? And much more fallout I’m sure.

      Much dialogue remains focused on how unfair it is to judge and act based on profiles, which obviously goes to what the police do. Zimmerman was not police, and exercised his citizenship poorly, stupidly, and overzealously. Yet a certain habit and degree of profiling remains a basically intelligent and necessary thing.

  3. Your “facts” turned out not to be so — “judicial hypochondria” (WTF!?) for calling the police 46 times over a period of not 15 months, but eight years? Z outweighed M by “nearly 100 pounds”!? That’s a lie straight from the lips of Tracy Martin. And we don’t know for a “fact” that Z “pursued” M, only that he was watching him, as the 911 dispatcher requested (“Let us know if he does anything else.”) The outrage over this was case was built by these lies and distortions, and others more egregious,and was kept, stoked, and increased long after these “facts” were refuted. I hope you feel shame and remorse for writing your “piece”, Green, or there’s no hope for you.

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