FURTHER UPDATE: A Closer Look Shows Possible Zimmerman Head Injury


Last night we posted the police surveillance tape showing George Zimmerman four hours after he shot Trayvon Martin. We concurred with ABC in saying that Zimmerman appeared completely unharmed in the video, contradicting his claim of being physically assaulted and injured by Martin.

We, and ABC, should have taken a closer look at the video.

The Daily Caller took that closer look and found, in accordance with Zimmerman’s account, “what appears to be a vertical laceration or scar several inches long.”

So we invite you, again, to watch the surveillance video and see what you think. Look to the right side of the back of Zimmerman’s head at approximately the 1:05-1:08 mark:

Update: An eyewitness has come forward and said the following: “Within a couple of seconds after the shots, one of the men “was walking toward where I was watching, and I could see him a little bit clearer. Could see that it was a Hispanic man. He didn’t appear hurt or anything else.”

Update 2: The Trayvon Martin police report has been released. You can view it for yourself here. Two choice quotes from the responding officer Timothy Smith.

“While I was in such close contact with Zimmerman, I could observe that his back appeared wet and was covered in grass, as if he had been laying on his back on the ground. Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and the back of his head.”

“Zimmerman was placed in the rear of my police vehicle and was given first aid by the SFD.”

The policy testimony has been contradicted by witness statements.

6 comments on “FURTHER UPDATE: A Closer Look Shows Possible Zimmerman Head Injury”

  1. This isn’t conclusive one way or the other. Zimmerman may have been attacked prior to the murder or he may not have. The video is too grainy to prove much. Lets check our conjecture at the door and, gasp, wait a little longer for more details to emerge.

  2. I forgot that innocent until proven guilty only holds when the media doesn’t have an agenda to push

  3. I’ve trained enough in mixed martial arts and jiu jitsu to appreciate, from what’s been revealed, what possibly went down.

    George Zimmerman, zealous citizen safety type, in over his head. He stalks a young black male, thinking he’s monitoring potentially thuggish behavior.

    (If blacks don’t want to be profiled, by the way, then perhaps they shouldn’t promote their own thuggishness and thug culture so energetically. Or, if they do, they might accept some level of stereotyping as par for the course they’ve chosen.)

    Spend enough time in MMA land and you’ll run across plenty of people who hope for toughness that they haven’t fully attained, and who, even in a controlled, supervised setting, panic in situations of close proximity and violence. So, if that occurs even in a club, on a mat, with established rules and mutual understanding, it is no difficulty appreciating how it would happen out in Zimmerman’s situation. I can very easily see how he could have gotten in over his head, panicked, and fired his weapon.

    I promise you, it is very hard to appreciate *exactly* how threatened you are and to calibrate your response accordingly. Primal response overtakes you. Like I say, primal response occurs even in highly refereed, agreed-upon settings. People who think they are above it and expect others to be as well are disqualified from real judgment.

    As far as visible injuries, seizing upon the surveillance video as evidence that Zimmerman is lying will be popular with people who have never fought or are pretending so. There are plenty of injuries that the security camera lacks the resolution to pick up, and also that could have been cleaned up before he arrived at the station.

    1. “If blacks don’t want to be profiled, by the way, then perhaps they shouldn’t promote their own thuggishness and thug culture so energetically. Or, if they do, they might accept some level of stereotyping as par for the course they’ve chosen.”

      Regardless of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, the assertion that blacks should act a certain way if they do not want to be profiled is an insanely prejudice and racist statement. No one should have to expect and/or accept “some level of stereotyping,” and not everyone acts alike. Stereotyping and racial profiling is an infringement on the natural and legal rights that the American government and Declaration of Independence are supposed to grant everyone in the nation. Judging an individual based on biased impressions that you receive from outside sources is ignorant. Anyone can subscribe to any kind of culture they wish, and no one race, ethnicity, gender, etc. has to subscribe to specific cultural attributes that are unfairly ascribed to that group. By the way, a large part of American (or “white”) culture today has been and is influenced by black culture. I guarantee that a large portion of the music, food, clothing, language, etc. that people consume in this nation and around the world possess traces of black culture (and many other cultures as well).

      “Thuggishness” is not an attribute that is “black.” A thug is a criminal and therefore acting in a “thuggish” manner would be acting in a criminal manner. In no manner does that relate to race or ethnicity. Trayvon Martin is not a criminal. He is a victim. Zimmerman, on the other hand, is a murderer. Therefore, Zimmerman is a criminal – otherwise known as a thug.

      PS: why in hell would Zimmerman clean up any of his wounds before arriving at the police station or a hospital? Wouldn’t he want the police and/or doctors to see any wounds he may have received?

  4. film is too grainy. but, again, innocent until proven guilty. I’m worried the media will spin this into a situation similar to the Duke Lacrosse rape case.

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