Social Justice: Will You Be Wearing a Hoodie Tomorrow? (POLL)


In response to the death of Trayvon Martin, some Kenyon students are organizing Wear A Hoodie Day: “As one’s appearance should not determine one’s level of safety, wearing a hooded sweatshirt acknowledges that stereotypes do not represent us, nor the communities with which we identify.”

Will you be participating? Tell us!

2 comments on “Social Justice: Will You Be Wearing a Hoodie Tomorrow? (POLL)”

  1. There is no such thing as social justice. What you give to one group you must take from another.
    There is only personal responsibility for one’s actions. Sadly, the current generation has been insulated from this thought. Let’s stop publishing class rank. Who needs a valedictorian? Everybody gets a trophy just for showing up (and I think that might be optional).
    My favorite, education is a right. Sure, but paying for it is a responsibility. Something else lost on today’s youth.

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