The AV: False Promises

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The A.V. is TKO’s occasional foray into politics via multimedia. 

You didn’t realize about the other life that we can give you
We’ll open up your eyes and make you see the light that’s all around you
We’ll help you work it out and then you’ll never doubt
Our intuition, our vision, our decision, our mission, so listen

No war, no inflation
No more desperation
You’ll see we can show you
Better days, better days

NO HUNGER, higher wages
Good schools, smiling faces
Make way for the new way
Better days, better days

A song by the British rock group Supertramp called “Better Days.”

Released in 1985, the video’s intoxicating mix of trepidation and excitement reflects the atmosphere in the West leading up to the fall of the Soviet Curtain and the coronation of the United States as the global superpower. The song subverts the inflated hopes of a generation in self-doubt: the harlequin in the video is nothing but a salesman of seduction, a peddler of good intentions, puffing sound and fury to sell the promise of false hope and a utopian future.

The song was a warning that soaring rhetoric is the voice of a devil in sheep’s clothing. And it was a reminder that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. We’re entering into one of the most unstable political climates in a long time. The stakes have seldom been higher. Today, each of us is the young man in the video. Even though he is barraged with images of pop-culture, politics and history, along with the stupefying movements of the harlequin, his facial expression hardly ever changes, remaining skeptical, unsure and, above all, questioning.

Stay conscious, and don’t believe something just because it’s convenient.

Or, alternatively, just check out the song because it’s pretty good.

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